Top 40 Places to Visit in the Australian Outback

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You’ve finally found it. Your Number 1 Resource to Travelling the Australian Outback

We’ve hand picked 40 of the most iconic and unforgettable experiences inside the Australian Outback. This is our personal bucketlist of what we think resembles our Australian backyard.

Explore the magnificent locations and characters in the Australian Outback

1. Birdsville Hotel

One of the most iconic pubs in the country, the only thing that’s cold in Birdsville is abeer at the Birdsville Hotel.

The only pub in town for the barely three digit population, the hotel is a welcome stop for those travelling on the Birdsville Track or across the Simpson Desert. During race week in September however, the town swells to between 5,000 and 10,000 people and the pub becomes the meeting point for all sorts of activities and shenanigans.

With top quality pub food and a classic Outback front bar (that’s only 25m from the airport gate too), the Birdsville Hotel is a must for those looking for an authentic Australian Outback experience.

2. Bungle Bungles

Almost a six hour drive from any other major town, the Bungle Bungles is a stunning national park and a must visit destination for those doing the Kimberley. The only way in or out is a decent 4WD or a light aircraft. It’s well worth the travel, and watching the colours of sunset against the backdrop of the Bungle Bungles behind you is breathtaking. It’s famous for distinctive dome shaped towers that are made up of sandstone and conglomerates. The combined effects of wind and rainfall over millions of years have shaped these domes.

Our tour features a guided walk in this stunning area with bountiful opportunities for photographs.

3. Lake Gairdner

Another stunning dry lake in South Australia, Lake Gairdner is considered to be the third largest salt lake in Australia. The annual Speed Week event has land speed runs held on Lake Gairdner’s salt flats on it’s dryer years. In contrast to Lake Eyre, Lake Gairdner is surrounded by the Gawler Ranges which provide a great perspective to contrast the lake against on the horizon.

Lake Gairdner is in an extremely remote location with the nearest town being more than 100 kilometres away!

4. The Prairie Hotel, Parachilna

Regularly voted in the top ten for Outback Pubs in Australia, the Prairie Hotel is one of our favourite destinations. Publicans Ross and Jane Fargher go to extraordinary lengths to ensure their guests feel welcome in the hotel, with first class rooms that combine modern elegance with the heritage and history of Parachilna. The restaurant is renowned for serving local road kill (just kidding, but they do serve plenty of Australian fauna), with emu, kangaroo, goat and lamb featuring on the menu.

Behind the hotel is the stunning Flinders Ranges, which make for a stunning backdrop for sunset drinks on the front porch.

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